Review Of Margaritaville Beach Hotel, Pensacola Beach, FL

Margaritaville Hotel On Pensacola Beach, Florida

The Margaritaville Hotel chain has grown in popularity in recent years, especially with fans of its owner Jimmy Buffett, and the craze all began in 2010 on Pensacola Beach, Florida. This original 4 star, 162 room Margarita Beach Hotel is still a must-visit establishment for anyone that wants to sit back with a cocktail and eat a cheeseburger in paradise.

There are plenty of Margaritaville Beach Hotel reviews giving glowing reports about the rooms, facilities and – above all – the location.

The Location:



The reason that so many guests are drawn to this hotel is not that of the association with Jimmy Buffett, but because of the site. The Margaritaville Beach Hotel is located around 13 miles south of Pensacola International Airport on the coast.

To be honest, almost any hotel with any theme is sure to thrive here because the property is situated on a quiet stretch of the Pensacola Beach, with a tranquil vibe and stunning views.

It is just far enough removed from the vibrant night-life to retain a sense of calm, but some of the best bars and restaurants are still within walking distance. To make it even easier for guests to explore the area, there is also a beach trolley that transports guests around the island and a shuttle that crosses the 3-mile bridge.

Landshark Landing- open to public

The Rooms:

Tranquillity is not something that all guests would expect from a hotel that was built for the Parrot Heads. The name conjures up something a little tackier than the soft furnishings, wood panels and calming blue tones that are found in the rooms – although there are still plenty of Buffett themes and wild motifs to be found.

All rooms have a walk-in shower – although upgraded rooms can have the added benefit of a bathtub – and there are plenty of home comforts to enhance the stay, such as the mini-fridge and coffee maker, HD TV, a workspace with free Wi-Fi and even a bathrobe and slippers.

It is this blend of features, calming décor and comfort that makes the hotel so popular with couples and businesspeople. Finally, the room would not be complete without the balcony overlooking that stunning Gulf view or on the front side you will see Sabine Bay or even in the distance the Intracoastal Waterway.

The Facilities:


This laid-back feel continues as guests discover some of the different facilities that are available in this Pensacola Beach resort. While there is a popular tiki bar providing a range of colorful cocktails on the beach, there is also a selection of dining opportunities, a 24-hour fitness center, and a large raised pool area with a sundeck, lounge chairs, and a wading pool.

This pool is enhanced by the fact that it is elevated two stories with all glass railing, providing stunning views of the Gulf of Mexico and Sabine Bay. The food is largely American, with plenty of great seafood restaurants in the area as well, and there is also the option of room service from the aptly named Frank and Lola Love Pensacola Café.

As for the fitness options, the hotel offers more than the usual gym equipment and yoga classes with rental bikes and paddleboard classes to give guests the chance to explore the area outside. As was mentioned above, there is plenty here for the businessman as well as couples, and this is seen in the two well-equipped meeting rooms.

Does This Mean That Kids Are Not Allowed?

With the focus on Margaritaville and the accessibility for drinks of the same name, prospective visitors may be forgiven for thinking that this is a hotel for the adults – somewhere to unwind and enjoy the Floridian scenery without the kids.

While this is not an overly vibrant resort with lots of activities and kid clubs throughout the year, it is still considered to be family-friendly. There is the Jolly Mon’s Play Area where kids can be left to play sports, interact with other kids and take part of arts and crafts events during the summer.

This Jimmy Buffett Hotel Clearly Offers More Than Guests May Initially Expect.

There are some clear signs to Margaritaville seen across the resort, especially in some of the names of the facilities, but the management has been careful not to overwork the theme and to make sure that the location is the star of the show.

The rooms and facilities are designed to complement the Gulf front location and tranquil vibe while offering an interesting new experience, and the multiple, positive Margaritaville Beach Hotel reviews show that this has paid off.


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