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Find Out Where To Attend A Jimmy Buffett Concert This Year?


Going to see Jimmy Buffett isn’t just a concert but instead a life experience. Tens of thousands of Parrotheads, as his fans are known, will have spent over 10 hours ahead of the concert having fun before Jimmy performs his series.  The tailgating will usually happen near the concert or just in the parking lot of the concert venue, read more about that at the end of this article.

“This is an event of a lifetime. It’s really something to behold,” says Reiner Kleuker, of Freeport. “People go out of their way creatively. There’s nothing like it.”

Attendees will encounter an entire carefree culture where Buffett lovers go so far as putting up dip tanks, wrestling rings stuffed with Jell-O, and inflatable pools surrounded by portable palm trees, …


Two Margaritaville Locations Now Offer Music Therapy

Margaritaville Vacation Club(r) by Wyndham provides music therapy to help travelers get into a Vacation State of Mind (TM) before they go on their next vacation. Margaritaville Vacation Club(r) is a vacation ownership club inspired by its namesake’s laid-back, adventurous lifestyle and escapism. Several properties offer a complimentary music therapy session to help travelers refresh their minds after a stressful year.…

How to make the Best Margaritas

Get Ready For Summer And Learn How To Make The Best Margarita

When it’s hot outside, and the humidity is high, nothing satisfies thirst like the freezing citrus drink like a Margarita. As it is a beverage based on tequila, we wanted to rethink this familiar soul. Obtained from the blue agave plant indigenous to Mexico, tequila has each bit of distinction as a fine wine or bourbon.

Hosting a margarita celebration is a superb way to familiarize yourself and guests with various premium tequilas. A bottle of tequila goes a long way, which makes it an inexpensive way to entertain, especially once you consider the natural accompaniments such as chips, salsa, guacamole, and ceviché.…

best ice cubes for margarita

What’s the Best Type of Ice to Use for Margaritas?

Summer is quickly approaching. The days are getting longer, the evenings are getting warmer, and the sun finally wants to stick around. It is time to start planning a summer get-together where everyone can come together and have some fun. If you are a self-professed Parrothead, a Jimmy Buffett margarita party has to be high on the list.

Yes, National Margarita Day was months ago, but we can still celebrate this ice-cold drink. There is a lot to consider when planning a Parrothead margarita-fueled party. Hosts must consider everything from the best type of margarita machine/blender to use, the size of the ice maker needed, the number of drinks, drink recipes, food, location – and of course music.

Here we present 10 steps to follow to plan the

Buffett Party

Throw Your Own Jimmy Buffett Party At Home Safely

Want to enjoy a Jimmy Buffet party at home during the pandemic time? Margaritaville is an international lifestyle brand inspired by the lifestyle and lyrics of songwriter, singer, and bestselling writer Jimmy Buffett, whose songs excite a passion for tropical getaway and comfort.

Margaritaville highlights ten destination hotels/resorts around the Southeast United States and the Caribbean and 23 additional locations in active development, four gambling locations, and over 60 food and drinks locations, including signature concepts like Margaritaville Restaurant, 5 o’Clock Somewhere Bar & Grill, award-winning JWB Prime Steak and Seafood, and LandShark Bar & Grill.…

pandemic virtual tour

What’s Jimmy Buffet Up To During The Pandemic – Virtual Tours?

You must eager to know about Jimmy Buffet’s upcoming pandemic virtual tours. Jimmy Buffett’s quarantine has involved spending time out on the water, practicing his French, playing the guitar, and singing with his loved ones in southern California.

However, one thing that it no longer included is a frozen margarita. In 2018, the beach bum star sent shock waves through Margaritaville when he disclosed he no longer drinks his signature beverage. He favors tequila on weekends, and typically on the rocks.

Margaritas have become too sweet. He enjoys real lime juice but really doesn’t like tons of sugar is what Buffett told reporters.  Buffet was watching TV and saw the show ‘Queer Eye,’ and they were doing a makeover, and the man had what he called a Redneck Margarita, which …

Escape To Margaritaville

Jimmy Buffett’s Escape To Margaritaville Musical

Calling all Parrotheads, laid- back Lothario’s, and men & women who simply want to have fun! Lets “Escape to Margaritaville – Set Your Mind To Island Time” is the Jimmy Buffett musical not to miss.  Even “type-A” personalities will kick off their wingtips for flip flops, drink your favorite margarita and listen to Jimmy Buffett’s unique mix of the Caribbean, pop, country, rock, and folk, otherwise called ‘ trop rock.’ Let’s be real; this is a Jukebox musical in its enjoyable form, kick-back unwind and enjoy the show.

Jimmy Buffett Tickets!

Wasted Away in Margaritaville” is not such a wrong way to spend a few hours being inspired, just ask Patrick Cogan, who plays J.D., in autobiographical musical of Jimmy Buffett.  Cogan claims, “It’s cheaper to purchase a ticket …


Celebrate National Margarita Day Jimmy Buffet Style

There is a drink that is the very spirit of joy, the patron angel of fun, the joyous expression of life at its complete best. That drink is called the Margarita, and when it’s a hot day and you are reuniting with friends, there’s nothing more satisfying to drink and bring everyone together.

National Margarita Day celebrates this fantastic drink, and the wide variety of tastes and colors it comes in. You must experience what some ice-cold tequila, a little salt, and a wedge of lime can do!

History of National Margarita Day

Margarita Day was created by a national margarita website to help celebrate this fantastic drink. This year this holiday is celebrated on Saturday, February 22nd. Among the greatest qualities about the Margarita is the number …


Jimmy Buffett Resorts Located “Outside” The US

Get ready to visit Jimmy Buffett’s first venture in the Caribbean, it is his international debut. The first international hotel with the Margaritaville Resort name is called the Grand Cayman hotel and is a destination hotel with a Caribbean flavor.

1. Margaritaville Beach Resort Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Popular for its beautiful beaches and kind people, Grand Cayman is the best escape for any occasion.  Located on the popular Seven Mile Beach, this resort features kids’ club, swimming pools ( only for children and another with a waterslide), casual dining (like all-you-can-eat buffets), water sports through Red Sail Sports and a special concierge to help with your other vacation plans.…

Mexican flag

Celebrate Cinco De Mayo Jimmy Buffet Style

The Reason For Celebrating Cinco de Mayo

Before you start mixing margarita’s (see recipes below) on May 5th, learn a little history as to why this holiday has become so popular in America.  Cinco de Mayo is a celebration in the United States, followed naturally by another tradition “Seis de Hangover.” But contradictory to common belief, Cinco de Mayo is a celebration not the Independence Day of Mexico, nor even a date when Mexicans party or celebrate as a nation.

On May 5, we recall the famous Battle of Puebla, when Mexico defeated the French army, which at the time was recognized the most powerful in the world.  It was 1861 and Mexico had just ended a long Civil War between the Conservatives, who were sponsored by European countries …

latitude margaritaville in florida

Jimmy Buffett’s Next Adventure – Lattitude Margaritaville

Latitude Margaritaville, active adult communities, is the latest investments in Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville portfolio developed by master developer Minto Communities and by the worldwide lifestyle brand Margaritaville. Providing resort-style facilities, Latitude Margaritaville is the perfect destination for those seeking to live the lifestyle of Margaritaville with their increasing age.

The communities will include a big pool, fitness activities, hobby, and game rooms, live entertainment, arts, and learning programs, beverage concepts, and signature Margaritaville food and much more. The “55-and-better” societies are developing in Hilton Head, SC, and Daytona Beach, FL with plans for a further place in Walton-Bay County in Northwest Florida along the Gulf of Mexico and some other of the country’s most admired destinations.…

attending a Jimmy Buffett concert

Fall 2018 Jimmy Buffet Concert Guide

It is no secret that Jimmy Buffett is a big music attraction in the United States. Not only has Buffett released over 30 albums, but he has also inspired a whole new music genre; gulf and western. This is feel good music which one may best describe as a cocktail of country, pop, rock and Caribbean influences.

Hits such as “Margaritaville,” “Fins” and “Volcano” have made Jimmy Buffett concerts a popular draw. Indeed, his tours have gained a loyal following of fans known as “Parrothead.” Some concerts attract up to 25,000 attendees with tickets sometimes selling out in as fast as 20 minutes.

Organizers have dubbed 2018’s Jimmy Buffett tour the “Son of a Son of a Sailor” tour. This is in celebration of the 40th anniversary of …

Margaritaville Hotel In Pensacola Beach

Review Of Margaritaville Beach Hotel, Pensacola Beach, FL

Margaritaville Hotel On Pensacola Beach, Florida

The Margaritaville Hotel chain has grown in popularity in recent years, especially with fans of its owner Jimmy Buffett, and the craze all began in 2010 on Pensacola Beach, Florida. This original 4 star, 162 room Margarita Beach Hotel is still a must-visit establishment for anyone that wants to sit back with a cocktail and eat a cheeseburger in paradise.

There are plenty of Margaritaville Beach Hotel reviews giving glowing reports about the rooms, facilities and – above all – the location! …

Parrot Head Lifestyle

Parrot Head Lifestyle and Its Evolution

There are few things in the world that we live in that move a person like music does. Music has the power to transport you to times and places that you have never been to before. It can touch so deeply as well as just serve as a way to mentally transport yourself back to a specific era or type of lifestyle.

All musicians, well the good ones, have made a mark on life that cannot be erased. They speak of as well as talk about our past, present, and future selves and they can do this whether the ear listening to the music belongs to a die-hard fan or to someone who merely listens to music.

For this reason, the better musicians amongst them, like Jimmy Buffett, have …

Jimmy Buffett Tour

Jimmy Buffett Tour Dates and Tips 2017

Jimmy Buffett concerts are known for the laid back themes, super friendly and fun loving fans. It is also impossible to mention a Jimmy Buffett concert without thinking of bright colored clothes and refreshing tropical cocktails.

At 70 years old, Jimmy Buffett is still rocking fans with his live shows; in fact, his shows still sell out many a time attracting more than 20,000 spectators. His current tour dubbed “I Don’t Know” has run from May 2016 and is expected to stretch well into 2017.…