Where To Attend A Jimmy Buffett Concert This Year

parrot heads fans of Jimmy Buffett
June 26, 2019

Going to see Jimmy Buffett isn’t just a concert but instead a life experience. Tens of thousands of Parrotheads, as his fans are known, will have spent over 10 hours ahead of the concert having fun before Jimmy performs his series.

“This is an event of a lifetime. It’s really something to behold,” says Reiner Kleuker, 48, of Freeport. “People go out of their way creatively. There’s nothing like it.”

Attendees will encounter an entire carefree culture where Buffett lovers go so far as putting up dip-tanks, wrestling rings stuffed with Jell-O and inflatable pools surrounded by portable palm trees, transplanted sand, and a swim-up bar.  But newbies should not be intimidated.

Jimmy Buffett’s Upcoming “Son of a Son of a Sailor ‘2019” Tour Dates: