A Review of Margaritaville Beach Resort Hollywood, Florida

Margaritaville Beach Resort, Florida

The Margaritaville Beach Hotel is located in the heart of the buzzing seaside resort of Hollywood, FL which means it is ideally placed for great nightlife, shopping, and the beautiful sandy beaches. What sets this option apart from the many hotels and resorts along this long strip, however, is the name.

It is no coincidence – this Margaritaville Beach Hotel is the same Margaritaville that Jimmy Buffett sang about all those years ago. Fans of Jimmy Buffett and his songs are prime customers for this hotel, and the new restaurant of the same name, but, as the wealth of glowing Margaritaville Beach Resort reviews shows, there is a much wider appeal here.

The Décor:   margaritaville-room

 It is easy to look at some of the details in the Jimmy Buffett Margaritaville branding and assume that this is a resort that has been created solely for the Parrot Heads that want to come to an original part of sunny Hollywood real estate to sip Margaritas on the beach and eat a cheeseburger in paradise.

There are elements of the décor that is there to remind visitors of the hotel’s roots, such as the glasses hanging from the ceiling and the occasional parrot, but the feel of the rooms is much more laid back. Instead, the designers appear to have taken much more inspiration from the beach and sea life than any alcoholic overtones, with whale’s tails on the faucets.

Once guests get past the giant flip-flop in reception, they can enjoy the relaxing tones of the room. There is a lot of whitewashed wood here, perhaps a little too much for some tastes, but the use of aqua and coral are nice touches here and there.

The Facilities:   margaritaville_poolfrom11fl

 This chilled out the feel of the room, and the ability to relax on the beach doesn’t mean that there is not much to do here at the same time. The Hollywood Beach Band Shell provides free concerts for guests and the public on a nightly basis; there are plenty of clubs and activities for the whole family to enjoy and if there isn’t far to walk along the Broadwalk to get to some top-class international restaurants.

Inside the hotel, guests can enjoy the tiki bar for an authentic Margarita; there are three swimming pools, a fitness center, and a spa. Wi-Fi is also available at the resort, so families can still keep track of the world outside, and fans can post their photos on social media.

Another significant benefit of this resort is that unlike the original hotel on Pensacola Beach, FL this business tries to make the resort as family-friendly as possible. Here there is a dedicated kids club where children can play and meet other youngsters, and one of the three swimming pools has the added benefit of a FlowRider surf simulator.

It seems that it is impossible for anyone to is bored here with so many entertainment and relaxation options and, after a long day, there are also plenty of restaurants to choose from.

The Food:   restu

 The food that is offered at this Margaritaville hotel is one of the bigger surprises for a lot of guests. The key selling point will always be the presence of the iconic Margaritaville restaurant – where countless cheeseburgers are sold as the sun sets – but there are eight establishments in the resort, all with their theme and menu.

A poolside bar provides an excellent opportunity for a bite of lunch and drink as guest relaxes by the water, the coffee shop is a more vibrant option for families looking for a quick snack before heading out to Hollywood. The evening meal can be enjoyed at JWB Prime Steak and Seafood – which offers precisely what the name suggests.

The Final Verdict Of This Margaritaville Beach Resort Review.  resort

 This Hollywood Margaritaville hotel is clearly a must for any keen Parrot Head that wants to find a Floridian resort that sympathetically reflects their passion for Jimmy Buffett and his music. But the careful use of fixtures and décor, the breadth of facilities and the family-friendly atmosphere mean that the appeal of this establishment goes a lot further.

You can come here with friends to drink Margaritas on the beach and take selfies with giant flip-flops, but you can also enjoy a fun family vacation in the heart of this Hollywood Resort.

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