A Review Of Margaritaville Resort – Biloxi, MS

Margaritaville Resort in Biloxi MS

Margaritaville Hotels have become a big hit with Jimmy Buffett fans looking for a place to a stay with a difference. These establishments, all of which are owned and approved by the man himself with official restaurants and facilities, are designed to provide the relaxed lifestyle promoted within the music, while still offering first class accommodation. In the Spring of 2016, a new complex was added to list – the Margaritaville Resort in Biloxi, MS. This 55,000 square foot resort is designed to provide everything that visitors need over 22 stories. This means 373 relaxing rooms, plenty of great places to eat and drink and some family-friendly fun.

This Resort Continues TheTtradition Of  Promoting  The Margaritaville Lifestyle.

As this is a Margaritaville Resort, the aim is about more than providing a beautiful place for Biloxi tourists to relax at the end of the day. Instead, it is about providing Parrot Heads and their families with everything that they would need to get away from it all and live their dream lifestyle – all under the Margaritaville brand and with Jimmy Buffett’s seal of approval. The décor, like that of the infamous hotels, is inspired by the lyrics to create a strong theme throughout the site. If guests choose to, they can spend the majority of their time in this Biloxi resort either lounge on the beach or enjoy the different facilities that the complex has to offer. There are Margaritaville Retail Stores, where guests can get some suitable souvenirs and beachwear for the week, the fitness center and much more.

One Of The Appealing Things About This Resort Is The Way That It Appeals To Families.

It is important that this review of Margaritaville Resort points out one critical issue. One of the criticisms of the plans

Biloxi resort for tourist

to build this complex was that it does not include the Casino that many felt was overdue. Buffett had signed up to bring one to the site back in 2007, but the plans fell through. The absence of gambling opportunities will be a blow for some, especially those that remember the days of the former Casino Magic, but it does help to enhance the family-friendly feel.

There is so much here for the Keets to do while you take a nice break by the side of the pool. The island vibe of the resort is enhanced by this impressive pool area that is home to the 450ft Lazy river that snakes its way through the center to mimic a tropical a paradise. Kids can have fun with the water slides, Splash Pad, and rope traverse as they let out their inner island child and explore in the safe confines of the facility. If they are well-behaved, they can have a treat at the Sweet Shack ice cream shop. There are so many topping to choose from that your kids could probably have something different every single day.

Another fantastic kid-friendly area is the Family Entertainment Area – better known as Escape. There is an impressive array of activities here for kids to try including the Sky Trail rope course, golf simulators that put players right in the heart of an island fairway, a bowling alley, arcade games and perhaps the oddest attraction of them all – the Cloud Coaster. This ride is said to be half roller-coaster and half zip line and does need to be tried to be believed. If that wasn’t weird enough the climbing wall – which is aptly named the Volcano Rock Climbing Wall – is two stories high and takes climbers inside the Margaritaville restaurant above.

Finally, A Jimmy Buffett Resort Also Means Some Fine Dining And Plenty Of Chances To Sample A Margarita At The End Of The Day.

Naturally, guests need a great place to eat while they are staying at the resort, and this new complex has a range of suitable options that do not disappoint. At one end of the scale there is the Margaritaville Coffee Shop for a quick breakfast and a caffeine boost between activities; on the other there is the Margaritaville Restaurant where you can get a nice family meal and truly enjoy a Cheeseburger in paradise on the shore of the Gulf of Mexico. The LandShark Bar is a great place to chill with a beer of the same name and either watch a game or watch the sun set on another brilliant day of the vacation.

As this review of Margaritaville Resort, Biloxi shows, it seems that Buffett and the Margaritaville brand have outdone themselves here. This vast complex takes the high points of the hotels and Parrot Head lifestyle and amplifies them to create an impressive complex for entertainment and relaxation.


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