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Raphc.com is a Jimmy Buffett fan club website where you will get the information about Jimmy Buffett Concert’s, review of his owned Margarita Hotels at various places. We are here to give you relevant information about Jimmy Buffett and his fans.

Jimmy Buffett fans are also called Parrot Heads because in one of Jimmy Buffett’s Concerts all of his fans were wearing tropical dresses, flowers on their necks, Hawaiian shirts, and inflatable parrot shaped hats.

All of Jimmy’s Margarita Hotels are marvelous because of their locations, decor, facilities and hospitality. You can also read the review of these hotels in our blogging website.

Margarita drink recipes made with margarita mixers are also reviewed in this website. Our website’s main motive is to give you latest updates about Jimmy Buffett so please go through the website and give us your feedback. We will be happy to get your response and will try to improve ourselves.