What’s Jimmy Buffet Up To During The Pandemic – Virtual Tours?

pandemic virtual tour
July 19, 2020

You must eager to know about Jimmy Buffet’s upcoming pandemic virtual tours. Jimmy Buffett’s quarantine has involved spending time out on the water, practicing his French, playing the guitar, and singing with his loved ones in southern California.

However, one thing that it no longer included is a frozen margarita. In 2018, the beach bum star sent shock waves through Margaritaville when he disclosed he no longer drinks his signature beverage. He favors tequila on weekends, and typically on the rocks.

Margaritas have become too sweet. He enjoys real lime juice but really doesn’t like tons of sugar is what Buffett told reporters.  Buffet was watching TV and saw the show ‘Queer Eye,’ and they were doing a makeover, and the man had what he called a Redneck Margarita, which …


Jimmy Buffett’s Next Adventure – Lattitude Margaritaville

latitude margaritaville in florida
February 11, 2019

Latitude Margaritaville, active adult communities, is the latest investments in Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville portfolio developed by master developer Minto Communities and by the worldwide lifestyle brand Margaritaville. Providing resort-style facilities, Latitude Margaritaville is the perfect destination for those seeking to live the lifestyle of Margaritaville with their increasing age.

The communities will include a big pool, fitness activities, hobby, and game rooms, live entertainment, arts, and learning programs, beverage concepts, and signature Margaritaville food and much more. The “55-and-better” societies are developing in Hilton Head, SC, and Daytona Beach, FL with plans for a further place in Walton-Bay County in Northwest Florida along the Gulf of Mexico and some other of the country’s most admired destinations.…


Jimmy Buffett And Coral Reefer Band

Coral Reefer Band
September 5, 2016

Jimmy Buffett Experience Is About Margaritaville

For many Parrot Heads, the appeal of the Jimmy Buffett experience is all about the notion of Margaritaville and the fantastic ideology that this esteemed singer/songwriter has created over the past 50+ years.

This man is celebrated as a writer and storyteller. Not only have keen fans latched onto the imagery of some of the best-loved songs, allowing themselves to be transported to far-away, sun-kissed beaches on their downtime, but they have also identified with the way of life promoted by the man through his music and attitudes to the world.…


Jimmy Buffett

Jimmy Buffett
April 4, 2016

Jimmy Buffett

Today Jimmy Buffett is best known for the Margaritaville brand and the legions of Parrot Heads who fly into his shows from across the country, but his story does not start with the hit song that would give its name to his hotels, cocktail-making machines, and other enterprises.The Parrot Heads can trace the birth of their movement to a concert in 1985; Margaritaville was released in 1977, but Jimmy had been out in Nashville trying to make a name for himself for a whole decade before that.

For nearly 60 years, Buffett has been a star of a style of music that defies pigeon-holing, an admired frontman for the Coral Reefers and the leader of a fad that quickly became a way of life.Jimmy Buffett

Buffett was born in …