Choosing The Right Margaritaville Margarita Maker

Margaritaville Margarita Maker

The number one purchase for many Jimmy Buffett fans has to be a Margarita machine but, with so many different official Margaritaville models to choose from, how do you know which one to get. Thankfully, the beauty of the Margaritaville range of blenders is that they are all designed to be idiot-proof. This means that if you love the Parrot Head lifestyle and want to get some friends round for a celebration, you don’t have to have a Ph.D. in chemistry or to have worked in some fancy bar in Tahiti. You can go to the kitchen, throw all your ingredients into the blender, press the button and return to your guests with a pitcher of beautiful, ice-cold margaritas.

If you have ever browsed the Margaritaville recipes on the official website, then you will have seen that there is a vast array of different drinks on there made from different liquors, mixes and fruits, and that there are even some additional cocktails on there. The broad range of possible drinks is all down to the fact that anything can be made in this machine as long as you have the measurements right and there is enough ice in the reservoir.

Which Model Should You Get?

Making drinks is the simple part with these Margaritaville drinks makers, once you have to recipes. The hard part is deciding which of the many models you want to opt for. Of course, your budget can be a deciding factor. You can get the more basic Bahamas model for around $200, or you can pay a little more and get some extra features or a larger capacity. The following are three of the most interesting models that you might want to try.

The Bahamas:


This is a great starting point for newcomers because it is a “no-brainer” mixer. There is a 36 oz blending jar, a top mounted ice reservoir with a shaving blade, a pitcher, and some simple controls. That is pretty much it. Other important features are the shatter-proof materials, the dishwasher-safe parts for cleaning and the ability to make more than just Margaritas. Buyers love the way that it shaves the ice for a smooth consistency, rather than crushing it, and say that it is very easy to use. Some may wonder if $200 is a bit much for a basic model, but most users would say that it isn’t because of the consistent performance and quality produce.

The Explorer:


The key selling point with the Explorer model is that it is cordless. This could be a concern if you have a long night of drinking planned because the battery life doesn’t get users much beyond two batches, but it does mean that you can move the party out into the garden and not have to keep running back inside for top-ups. Despite the potential power issues, there are still plenty of positive reports from buyers that say that the machine has the same ice crushing power as its corded cousins and still produces the same high-quality drinks with ease. Great for the boat or the tiki bar; not necessarily the best option for the home.

The Bali:


The Bali is the new model that is set to be an improvement on previous options. The automation here has been enhanced even further, with pre-programmable settings, a self-serve option, and simple one-touch buttons. In addition to this, the buttons have been relocated to the side of the machine to make it easier to use. Another important difference is the fact that the blending chamber has almost double the capacity of the Bahamas model at 60 oz. As you would expect with all these extras, the Bali model does not come cheap. Is $399 too much for a Margaritaville machine when the much cheaper Bahamas model is still so highly regarded?

Key West:


The Key West is an attractive looking Margarita maker that is seen as the step up from the original Bahamas model. Here the capacity of the drinks reservoir has been increased so that it holds two pitchers of drinks and there is a simple dial on the bottom to choose the number of drinks required. Like the other models, it is designed to shave and blend with ease thanks to the simple controls. The user-friendly nature is improved through the easy-clean design, simple controls and the inclusion of 4 coasters. This could be preferable to the Bahamas in many ways because of the extra edge and the fact that at $300-350, it is not that much more expensive.



The Tahiti mixer is the model for the larger parties where you are in really in demand as a bartender. The official Margaritaville menu is full of examples of other frozen drinks to try, and that is why this large model has three separate, individually controlled blending stations with settings including pina colada, daiquiri, and mojito. This capacity means that it is pretty expensive, at $499, but buyers feel that this is justified because of the quality of each drink and the great looking design. Guests are drawn in by the rotating ice reservoir, and others love the use of bamboo.

There Are Two Important Decisions Here:

  1. Which Model
  2. Do You Tell People It Came From A Machine?

Once you have picked your Margarita machine, you have another dilemma to deal with: do you hide the machine in the kitchen and pretend that all of these pitchers have been mixed by hand with great personal skill, or do you set the machine in pride of place and show this new toy off to all the other Jimmy Buffett fans in the room? The chances are that they either know about the machines or have one of the models themselves, so why not show it off and compare notes on recipes and performance. Whichever device you pick, you and your guests will love its abilities and the perfect drinks it can make.

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