Reviews of Margaritaville Hotel in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Margaritaville Hotel in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

The Margaritaville hotel brand is one that has grown and grown as fans of Jimmy Buffett continue to seek out hotels, bars, restaurants and even mobile games that are linked to the man’s music. The line of Margaritaville hotels that have sprung up across America has shown that it is possible to blend these potentially tacky references with great décor and facilities to create a welcoming, beachfront resort.

This was true at the first resort on Pensacola Beach, FL but the idea of a Margaritaville resort in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee has a different vibe to it. As online Margaritaville Hotel reviews have shown, however, this is still a great option for Buffett fans.

The Locationmargaritaville

There is a noticeable difference between this Margaritaville Island Hotel and the other two options, and that is the location. While the others are located right on the beach for the ideal sunset spot for a cocktail on the sand, this establishment is situated in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee in Pigeon Forge. The hotel is set on the Island entertainment resort, and it uses this aspect of its location well when promoting its potential.

It may not be the tropical island of the music, but it is a separate area full of excellent facilities and experiences where guests can get away from the rest of the world.

The Décor And Vibe Of  The  Hotel


This location does mean that there is an entirely different vibe to the décor and surroundings, but there are still enough references to Buffett and his work to please any local fans that want to enjoy the Margaritaville experience. The hotel has wood-paneled rooms, a big roaring fire in the reception area and “rustic” design features in the rooms, but there is still a modern, clean feel that is well presented.

The Buffett themes come through from the frozen concoction makers in the rooms, the flamingo motifs, and the odd fake palm, and there are still plenty of bright colors around the furnishing for a tropical feel.

Once guests step onto the balcony, the great view over the landscape and the dancing Island show fountain immediately root them back in the mountains. It is also notable that these are high-tech, modern suites with free Wi-Fi, a 40’’ HD TV, alarm clock with iPod dock, coffee maker, and dual rain shower.

The Facilities


There is also no shortage of facilities at this grand complex, and one of the big selling points is the new St. Somewhere spa. Here guests can enjoy massages, facials, manicures, and pedicures. Visitors may enter from the mountains of Tennessee, but they are soon transported to an island paradise with relaxing sounds and great scents.

This is also seen at the pool, which guests have enjoyed long into the night. Another high point is the Margaritaville restaurant, an important part of the brand that would have been noticeably absent had management gone for a different option, and the menu is full of cleverly named treats for fans and kids alike. Start with the “Cheeseburger in Paradise” and end with the “Chocolate Hurricane.”

Further out on The Island, guests can enjoy the different shops and amusements, which highlights the potential of this hotel as a family friendly place to stay. During the day, the kids can play at the shooting gallery or the arcade and ride the great smoky mountain wheel.

Visitors have said that once they pulled up to the hotel on their first day, they never got back in again until it was time to leave because there was so much to do in the vicinity.

This Is A Different Margaritaville Hotel And It Is A Fantastic Resort

There are many positive Margaritaville Hotel reviews and guests are impressed with the way that the designers have balanced the two elements of the mountains and the Margaritaville themes. There is the sense of escapism with beach themes and tropical drinks, but the mountain location is also celebrated well.

This combination, the ever-increasing range of facilities and the overall feel of escapism mean that this Mountainside hotel in this impressive Island resort is a must-visit establishment for Buffett fans, couples in need of relaxation and families looking for something a little different.


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