Summer 2016 Brings The I Don’t Know Tour To Jimmy Buffett Fans

The “I Don’t Know Tour 2016 ” For Jimmy Buffett Fans

Exactly one month after the final Working N’ Playing show wrapped up at the PNC Music Pavilion in Charlotte, NC, Jimmy Buffett and his band went back out on the road for an extensive list of shows that will keep them busy throughout the summer months, right into October.

After a set at the Austin City Limits festival, the I Don’t Know tour began winding its way through the US to theaters, pavilions, and seaside locations. This tour is a fantastic opportunity for Parrot Heads to actually soak up the vibes of the Margaritaville lifestyle in some brilliant settings, but what can they expect from a Jimmy Buffett Concert in 2016?

Why choose the name I Don’t Know? I Don’t Know Song

The song; “I Don’t Know” is best known as the theme for Jeff Spicoli, Sean Penn’s character from Fast Times at Ridgemont High. In many ways, Spicoli is the ideal Parrot Head with his love of the laid-back surfer lifestyle and his unwillingness to be brought down by the conventional Mr. Hand. Perhaps fans are encouraged to channel their inner Spicoli – minus the joyriding – at these summer shows so they can actually enjoy the sun, sand and surf of some of these top destinations. Perhaps it is a call to bring some young Keets along to let the next generation of fans experience the music.

Alternatively, it could simply be an indication of the set list. This soundtrack could be aired for the public alongside other hits like I Don’t Know, and I Don’t Care and Volcano, where thousands of audience members can sing along in unison – “Now, I don’t know, I don’t have any idea where I’m a-gonna go when the volcano blow”. Clearly, the most enthusiastic fans will be happy to sing along to anything, but this time, they have a little more say because of a clever idea.

What Is Behind Door Number Three?

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Another interesting feature to this intriguingly named tour is the element of surprise about the set list. Fans don’t know quite what to expect to hear on the night, and it seems that Jimmy doesn’t yet know what he will play either.

Any Parrot Heads that have been hanging around the official Margaritaville website recently will have seen the following message and link: “what song is behind door number three?” Clicking the link takes fans to a poll where they can submit their favorite tracks from a list of rarely played songs. Each night one of the highest rated options will be picked at random to played live.

Currently riding high on the list are Love and Lick, Lone Palm and Incommunicado, all of which haven’t been heard live since around 1999-2001. Lucky fans could get one of these gems or another rarity from the top ten – you just don’t know which it will be.Buffett-1280x644

Where Will Jimmy Buffett And The Coral Reefers Be Playing On The I Don’t Know Tour?

A Buffett summer tour would not be complete without some great venues for fans to soak up some sunshine, and there are plenty of those on this jaunt across the US. In June, the Coral Reefer Band will be performing to crowds at the DTE Energy Music Theatre in Detroit, Cincinnati’s Riverbend Music Center, the Klipsch Music Center in Indianapolis and the Hollywood Casino Amphitheater in Chicago.

After a break in July, the band continues with a series of concert across some of the best pavilions and seafront venues of the North East, including Nikon at Jones Beach Theater in Wantagh and the massive Atlantic City Boardwalk show in August.

The US leg of the tour finishes in in Denver, Vegas, and Sacramento in October, but not before a two-night residency at La Cigale in Paris, just in case any Parrot Heads want a little Parisian culture with their concert.

There Are Plenty Of Opportunities For Fans To Embrace The Lifestyle At This 2016 Tour.

Countless fans will have already experienced the I Don’t Know tour at the start of the run, and learned some of the secrets behind the name, the poll, and the likely set list, but many others are waiting with anticipation for the tour to roll into town.

Wherever fans go this year for their Jimmy Buffett concert, whether it is a massive crowd on the beach or a more intimate setting with the rest of the local Parrot Head Club, this latest tour is sure to deliver.

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